Turbine Meters - Gas and Liquid

First developed in 1957, NUFLO turbine meters are both rugged and field-proven. This key product line has grown and developed alongside the requirements of the international oil & gas and process control industries. Today, NuFlož turbine meters have an unsurpassed reputation for withstanding severe environmental punishment while maintaining operational and measurement integrity.

NUFLO Liquid Turbine Meters

  • Accurate and repeatable measurement
  • Long service life even in severe applications
  • Easy installation
  • Broad range of end connections including: threaded, grooved, flanged, EZ-INž, and WECO‚® 1500

NUFLO Gas Turbine Meters

  • Single meter handles wide range of flow rates
  • Carbide bearing design eliminates need for lubrication and withstands difficult service conditions
  • Low inertia rotor design provides quick response to flow rate changes
  • Two-bladed rotor offers large unobstructed flow area
  • Electrical output signal adapts readily to a variety of readout devices

BARTON Fiscal Gas & Liquid Turbine Meters
For more than 30 years Barton‚® turbine meters have provided enhanced accuracy into a broad base of gas and liquid measurement applications including aerospace, cryogenic metering, pipeline applications and gas service. Options can include exotic materials of construction, various bearing systems and end connections.